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20 Minutes into the Future with Google Cardboard and JavaScript

I gave this talk at JS Oxford in November 2015. The talk is about using JavaScript and various web APIs to create Google Cardboard experiences.

{% include figure.html src="jsoxford.jpg" %}{}

You can view the slides online here, navigate the slides by clicking.

{% assign iframe_url = "" %} {% include iframe_embed.html %}

I wrote the slideshow framework from scratch for the talk, using marked.js, three.js and some custom JavaScript.

{% include figure.html src="jscardxyz.png" %}{}

To accompany the talk I also created some demos, these can be viewed online on These are best viewed in Chrome on an Android device, but should work alright in Chrome on Mac/Windows too.

You can view the source for the slides and demos here on Github.

To present the demos live, using an actual device, I used the Chrome extension/Android application Vysor. This allows you to stream your phone's screen over USB (via ADB), and it works really well.

#adb with #vysor is a great way to view/debug stuff on your #android device #cardboard #vr

— Max Glenister (@omgmog) November 12, 2015
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Besides thinking about how to create Google Cardboard experiences using JavaScript, I've also been collecting resources about the UI/UX of VR, which I've put together as a useful list.

You can find out more about the [UI/UX in VR list here]({{ site.url }}/post/ux-in-virtual-reality/).

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