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Tech demo inspired by the famouse iOS/Android game Cut The Rope
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Current revision: 0.1

Author: Simone Autore (aka Sippolo)

This project is a simple tech demo on how you could possibly develop a game like the famous Cut The Rope, using Box2D, and is developed with the awesome LibGDX java game framework: I've almost re-implemented the first 8 levels from the original Cut The Rope demo on the web ( plus one experimental level of mine, which makes use of a funny spring jump platform.

  • Run Instruction:

Make sure you have jre6+ installed on your machine, then just run the RopesWorld.jar

Download Builds: you can find the zip file of the build in the Downloads section on this repository, just make sure you extract all the files before executing the jar/bat, otherwise it may not run at all.

  • IDE Integration:

You should be able to import the project directly into Eclipse and compile it without issues.

  • Android platform

Following LibGDX instructions on their website, you can easily make an Android project attached to this one, and you'll see a nice accelerometer feature in game already implemented! Have a look if you're interested ;)

  • Gameplay Instructions and Commands

As on Cut The Rope, you have a "ball" attached through a rope on a rope stand. You can slide with the left mouse click on the screen to cut the ropes, and make the ball reach the big green box to complete the levels. You'll want to collect the 3 stars (here as purple circles) to be awesome. Make use of soap balls (here big purple circles) to defy gravity, dynamic rope stands that will launch ropes at your ball to catch it when in range, and funny spring jumps! Please stay away from spikes (here as purple diamonds), they'll make you lose! Click Next/Replay on top-right of the screen to go respectively to the next level, or replay the current one.

Have fun!

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