Copy to clipboard with AngularJS directive, without using Flash.
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Copy text to clipboard by clicking a button, without using Flash. This is using the new Selection API and Clipboard API available in the latest browsers.

Browser support: Chrome 43+, Firefox 41+, Opera 29+, IE10+, Safari 10+ and Mobile Safari 10+.

See the demo.


Install using npm or bower:

$ npm install angular-clipboard --save
$ bower install angular-clipboard --save

angular-clipboard has no other dependencies than Angular itself.


Require angular-clipboard as a dependency for your app:

angular.module('MyApp', ['angular-clipboard'])
    .controller('MyController', ['$scope', function ($scope) {
        $scope.supported = false;

        $scope.textToCopy = 'I can copy by clicking!';

        $scope.success = function () {

        $ = function (err) {
            console.error('Error!', err);

Copy text from an input field by clicking a button:

<input type="text" ng-model="textToCopy">
<button clipboard supported="supported" text="textToCopy" on-copied="success()" on-error="fail(err)">Copy</button>

You can supply a method to be called for the on-copied and on-error event. The on-error function will be called with the error object as argument err.

The optional supported property can be used to detect browser support for the clipboard feature.

Use as service

You can also invoke the copy to clipboard action directly by injecting the clipboard service. Just remember it has to be in a click event, as clipboard access requires user action.

angular.module('MyApp', ['angular-clipboard'])
    .controller('MyController', ['$scope', 'clipboard', function ($scope, clipboard) {
        if (!clipboard.supported) {
            console.log('Sorry, copy to clipboard is not supported');

        $scope.clickHandler = function () {
            clipboard.copyText('Copy this text');

Use with a module loader

If you are using a module loader, you can import the module name when requiring it in angular. Works with any AMD/UMD/CommonJS module loader.

import clipboardModule from 'angular-clipboard';

angular.module('mymodule', []);