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NPM Dev Dependencies

AvroPad is a full featured Avro Phonetic application with dictionary support. It runs locally on the browser, without requiring any server side processing and thus can be used offline without crippling its functionality.

This project has been started by Sarim (who is also the maintainer of ibus-avro). Since ibus-avro was written entirely in JavaScript, AvroPad was the first attempt to port that entire functionality to web.

Yes, we know Google Input Tools is there and provides far superior suggestions with its machine learning capability. AvroPad doesn't aim to be a replacement of that, but it provides some interesting benefits:

  • It works offline.
  • It's fast and instant, there is no roundtrip delay for processing every word you type.
  • It's values privacy. Whatever you write or save in the drafts don't leave your browser unless you want them to.
  • It's open source. Google deprecated their transliteration API service on May 26, 2011, and it may not be available after 3 years since the announcement. As a developer you are free to integrate AvroPad in your application under the terms of MPL 1.1. We hate vendor locking as much as you do.


Install Node.js if you haven't already.

Install dependencies:

$ npm install -g gulp
$ npm install

Running npm install will also install bower components for you.

Run (Development mode):

$ gulp watch

Open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser.

Chrome Livereload extension will also come in handy if you don't want to refresh your browser manually every time you change the code.


$ gulp build

This will minify assets and prepare the offline manifest file to deploy on production under ./build directory. Alternatively,

$ gulp

This $ gulp command alone will do the above and also start a server with the production ready application. Open http://localhost:8888/ in your browser to test.

Browser support

AvroPad has been tested with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS Safari. We don't know what will happen on IE, let us know in our forum or in issues if you test that, but right now we don't promise IE support.

Android support is very minimal, because of the bugs in Chrome for Android:

And it's rare to have fixes on older Android releases, so old native Android browser probably will never be supported.


  • Sarim Khan
  • Rifat Nabi
  • Mehdi Hasan
  • Tanbin Islam Siyam


AvroPad is licensed under Mozilla Public License 1.1 ("MPL"), an open source/free software license.


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