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Tiny blog written with Asp.Net CORE
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A Tiny Blog Written in Asp.Net Core

The blog is hosted on

How to Build and Run:

  • Clone the repository

  • Restore the dependencies

    dotnet restore
  • Build admin portal

    cd src/DotNetBlog.Admin
    npm install
  • Install front-end client libraries

    cd src/DotNetBlog.Web
    bower install
  • Edit connection string

    Open 'src/DotNetBlog.Web/App_Data/config.json' to specify you own connection string.

        "database": "sqlite",
        "connectionString": "DataSource=App_Data/blog.db"
        //"database": "sqlserver",
        //"connectionString": "server=.\\SqlServer2008;database=DotNetBlog;uid=sa;pwd=123456;"

    DotNetBlog supports two kinds of database. You can set "database" to "sqite" or "sqlserver"

  • Run the project

    dotnet run
  • Initialize the blog

    You can access 'http://{YourBlogAddress}/install' to initialize the blog, this will help to create a default admin user, which username and password are both 'admin'.

The project is still in DEVELOPMENT!

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