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Bootstrap3-based theme for the Red Matrix
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This is a new take on the Redstrap theme. Now we're using Bootstrap 3.


RS3 is build from Redbasic, but it doesn't intend to stay a pure (P)CSS variant. As such, we tweak templates as needed, and we will eventually remove a LOT of CSS code. Basically, we don't try to define (badly) what Bootstrap already did right.

RS3 extensively uses Font-Awesome (version 3 for now, to be updated as soon as there is a mechanism for dealing with different icon sets within Red).

RS3 comes with the marvelous alternative CSS from the Bootswatch ( project. That way, you could switch between different designs just by visiting "Display Settings".


Bootstrap is under Apache license v2.0.

Bootswatch is under Apache license v2.0.

Font-Awesome's font is under SIL OpenFont License (OFL) v1.1.

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