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Open Metaverse Interoperability Group (OMI)

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The Open Metaverse Interoperability Group is focused on bridging virtual worlds by designing and promoting protocols for identity, social graphs, inventory, and more. Our members include businesses and individuals working towards this common goal. Aside from technical work, OMI aims to create a community of artists, creators, developers, and other innovators to discuss and explore concepts surrounding the design and development of virtual worlds.

OMI Core Values

  • We collaborate, driven by research, privacy and accessibility, to make the metaverse more human.
  • We work incrementally, iteratively, and with intent.
  • We are creating a cooperative, sustainable culture of innovation.
  • We empower the people making the metaverse.
  • We must cultivate resiliency by championing diversity, and freedom of choice.

Our Vision

We bolster the metaverse as an open and interoperable resource for anyone, inspired by the collaborative efforts of the community.

Community Meetup

We have a weekly meeting every Wednesday at 16:00 UTC in the omi-weekly-meeting channel of the AngellXR / OMI Discord. Agendas and meeting notes can be found in GitHub Discussions. Informal discussions also take place on discord (join our Discord).

If want to catch up on topics, ask questions, or discuss new ideas we encourage you contribute to our GitHub Discussions and come to one of our meetings!


📆 View the OMI event calendar. ics:

Areas of Exploration

While we don't have an official scope of work for OMI set yet, here are a few areas we are looking into.

  • Identity
  • Friends List / Social Graph
  • Inventory / Trading Virtual Items
  • Avatars
  • 3D Content
  • Portable Scripted Objects / Scenes

Working Groups

We look to dedicated subgroups to divide work based on themes of interest and availability. If the Metaverse is for anyone, we believe that anyone can add value to the Metaverse. One of the best ways to get involved is to reach out to these working groups directly (many have dedicated discussion channels in discord as well as github repos). You are encouraged to get involved with any group that fits your knowledge, skills, abilities, and interests, and help shape the culture of that working group collectively.

Active Subgroups

  • OMI Community
    • Every Wednesday at 17:00 UTC in discord voice (contacts: antpb for agenda, mrmetaverse for questions)
  • glTF Extensions Group
    • Every Thursday at 22:30 UTC in discord voice (contact Fire or Robert)
  • OMI Github Backlog Refinement
    • Second Thursday of the month at 22:05 UTC (contact Jesse @mrmetaverse)
  • OMI leads monthly check in
  • OMI Content and Media Strategy (and events!)
    • Group dedicated to content strategy and being intentional in how we communicate OMI efforts
    • Note: This May split into separate groups (Content, Media, Events)
    • Media and Content: Discussion in OMI-Media channels on discord
    • Events: Discussion in the OMI-Events Pro-Tem discord channel.
    • currently looking for volunteers to help champion efforts
  • OMI MSF Delegates group
  • UX Research Group
    • formed to understand the existing experiences of Metaverse users, research their needs and pain points, and identify new path and opportunities for interoperability.
    • documented our initial thoughts on our github, this group meets on discord in the #OMI-UX-Research channel.
    • group is seeking active leadership/coordination. Want to get involved? Just reach out in the discord channel #omi-ux
  • M3+OMI collaborative avatar-interop group
    • proposed collab beetween OMI and M3 to help build on avatar interop discussions
    • (M3) Every Tuesday at 18:00 UTC in M3 Discord / hubs (see M3-org/avatar-interop calendar)

Ad-hoc Subgroups

  • Portals Working Group Pro Tem
    • this is now active! Meeting in #omi-portals-pro-tem channel.
  • Events Pro Tem - We aremeeting in #omi-events-pro-tem to plan OMI100 and more!

Proposed Subgroups

  • OMI Experimentation Hour - #368
  • OMI-AI proposed working group for AI and the Metaverse.

Inactive Subgroups

W3C Community Group

To help structure our technical standards work and provide an IP protection framework we have formed a W3C Community Group:


Are you really trying to build the Metaverse?

No. Any one group, be it a company or organization cannot build the metaverse. With OMI we hope to form consensus around ways we can turn siloed virtual worlds into a network of interoperable worlds. People have very different ideas of what their worlds should look like and how they should operate. It's not our job to tell them how to create their worlds. We aim to bring world builders together and create protocols so that traversing the metaverse is as seamless as possible.


Sandbox for discussing Open Metaverse Interoperability objectives. Want to get involved? Join us in GitHub discussions, and on Discord. PR's welcome!



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