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Omise Code Challenges.
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Omise, OmiseGO & GO.Exchange Code Challenges

This repository houses the code challenges for Omise, OmiseGO & GO.Exchange. These are small hands-on projects that are very relevant to the tasks you will be working on here.

Ground Rules

  • We prefer well-thought-out solutions over the quick-and-dirty kind. So take your time, if you need it
  • Average completion time so far has been around one to two weeks
  • Submission is done via a git format-patch Send your patch to the hiring team.

What to expect

We do understand that our code challenges are time intensive and not always easy to execute. We do recognize and value the time and effort applicants put into their submission. Our Code Challenges reflect some of the tasks and skills you'd need while working with us. We believe that these take-home challenges will give you a deeper understanding of our product, what you'd be working on in the future and what level of commitment we look for in applicants.

What we look for

Rather than a complex solution, which added a million features and is written in 10,000 lines of code, we look for:

  • Clarity: You can write clear code that any devs could read and understand in one go
  • Simplicity: You can write gimmick-free and straightforward code with no ambiguities
  • Defensiveness: You can cover edge cases and treat user inputs with care

What happens after your submission

Once you have submitted your solution by sending us the git-format-patch, our Engineers will review the code. Due to the number of submissions we receive, and time-intensive review process, it might take us 1 week to give you feedback on the submission. Based on the feedback, we will invite you for a meeting to talk more about your submission and continue the recruitment process.


Pick the one that most suites the position you wish to apply.




Have fun and we look forward to your submission!


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