Omise Java Library
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This library has been updated to v2.7.5, check the v1 branch for the previous version.

Omise-java provides a set of Java bindings to the Omise REST API. Please contact if you have any questions regarding this library and the functionality it provides.



WARNING: Android users should check out our omise-android repository instead.

This library requires Java 7 and up and is meant to be used with Java server implementations.


Adds to your build.gradle file.

dependencies {
    compile 'co.omise:omise-java:2.7.5'

Shadow JAR

If you have dependency conflicts with omise-java jar you can try using the shadowed JAR version which has the JAR dependencies relocated to the co.omise.dependencies package.

You can obtain a shadowed jar by manually cloing the project and running the shadowJar task:

$ git clone git://
$ cd omise-java
$ gradle shadowJar


$ ls builds/libs


Obtain a set of API keys from the Omise Dashboard and creates a Client object:

Client client = new Client("pkey_test_123", "skey_test_123");

Access the API by calling methods on the provided Resource classes, for example to get current balance:

long money = client.balance().get().getTotal();

Creating a charge from a token:

Client client = new Client("pkey_test_123");

try {
    Charge charge = client.charges().create(new Charge.Create()
            .amount(100000) // THB 1,000.00
    System.out.println("created charge: " + charge.getId());

} catch (IOException e) {


MIT license