JavaScript Library for communication with OMG network
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JavaScript Style Guide

JavaScript Style Guide

JavaScript Library Implementation for Tesuji


  • this was developed against the first release version of elixir-omg
  • This is a first implementation of a JS library, expect breaking changes

This is a library that allows a Client/Server JavaScript application to Interact with the Tesuji Plasma So that you could:

  1. Deposit (Eth/Token)
  2. Transact (Eth/Token)

From the Childchain server to the Rootchain


Please make sure you have Node (>v8.11.3) and also npm (>v6.3.0) installed 0. Clone the repository

  1. Install all the packages
npm install
  1. Test to make sure everything is installed correctly, please run:
npm run test

Getting Started

The project is seperated into 2 submodules:

  1. omg-js-childchain
  2. omg-js-rootchain

you can import either one separately, or both at once by importing the parent omg-js package

Code Documentation

Documentation for omg-js

Design Documentation

How to create your own signing method

Example Implementations

You can find example applications inside examples folder

Deposit ETH through Rootchain Contract

Transact ETH through Childchain

Fetch spendable UTXO of an address