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USC EE579: Wireless and Mobile Networks Laboratory

Final Project "What's Playing?" ReadMe File

By: Ameya Pethkar, Himanshu Gupta and Omkar Chavan

This is the read me file of our Final Project for EE579 course at University of Southern California. In this project we have made a multimedia sharing application with peer-to-peer as its underlying technology. This involves having an Android application "What's Playing?" running on Android Mobile devices and communicating with a centralized server as well as with other mobile phones.

The Android application we have designed and presents a main GUI along with options such as Register, GoLive i.e. go online and Invisible to work offline and continue to use the application. In all these options the Multi-threaded server maintains list of Registered users and LoginDetails in separate text files respectively. The server also provides an online storage facility for user to upload their files as well as file names to the server. Each user's files and filenames are stored in his own database on the server. This helps in easy search and maintenance at the server end. Further we have a second screen with different features which are as follows:

  • Friends Online : Finds Online Friends
  • My favorites : A user’s favorites
  • Request a file : Looks for friends who has a particular file the user wants
  • Search Online: Look for that particular file online on the internet
  • Upload to Server : Create your own database@centralized server
  • My Downloads: This is where all the downloaded files are shown
  • Add Friends : Add People to your Friend Network (My Gang)
  • Log off : Logoff from the Server

Then we have a Multi-Threaded Server waiting for incoming connections from the Clients(Phones) and based on the nature of information from Client (say Register, Login, ShowOnlineFriends, ShowAllOnlineFriends etc.) the server performs corresponding actions.

A detailed report of the entire project can be found HERE


Repository containing all the files pertaining to the final project of EE579 course at USC.



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