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you how you want to implement the particulars of your application's
authentication flow.
+## Integrating OmniAuth Into Your Rails API
+The following middleware are (by default) included for session management in
+Rails applications. When using OmniAuth with a Rails API, you'll need to add
+one of these required middleware back in:
+- `ActionDispatch::Session::CacheStore`
+- `ActionDispatch::Session::CookieStore`
+- `ActionDispatch::Session::MemCacheStore`
+The trick to adding these back in is that, by default, they are passed
+`session_options` when added (including the session key), so you can't just add
+a `session_store.rb` initializer, add `use ActionDispatch::Session::CookieStore`
+and have sessions functioning as normal.
+To be clear: sessions may work, but your session options will be ignored
+(i.e the session key will default to `_session_id`). Instead of the
+initializer, you'll have to set the relevant options somewhere
+before your middleware is built (like `application.rb`) and pass them to your
+preferred middleware, like this:
+config.session_store :cookie_store, key: '_interslice_session'
+config.middleware.use ActionDispatch::Cookies # Required for all session management
+config.middleware.use ActionDispatch::Session::CookieStore, config.session_options
+(Thanks @mltsy)
## Logging
OmniAuth supports a configurable logger. By default, OmniAuth will log
to `STDOUT` but you can configure this using `OmniAuth.config.logger`:

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