OmniAuth Beta

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OmniAuth 1.0 is now in Release Candidate! We'd love to see especially strategy developers try out the new setup to see how it's working and start reporting any bugs you find or any suggestions you have to improve the API before it gets locked down in a beta.

To Use 1.0

To use OmniAuth 1.0 you will need to require the proper gems. The gems that the OmniAuth core team has released can be utilized as follows:

gem 'omniauth',          '1.0.0.rc2'
gem 'omniauth-oauth',    '1.0.0.rc2'
gem 'omniauth-oauth2',   '1.0.0.rc2'
gem 'omniauth-identity', '1.0.0.rc2'
gem 'omniauth-openid',   '1.0.0.rc2'
gem 'omniauth-ldap',     '1.0.0.rc2'
gem 'omniauth-github',   '1.0.0.rc2'

gem 'omniauth-contrib',  '1.0.0.rc2', :git => 'git://'

OmniAuth Contrib will never be released as an actual gem since it's meant to be a stopgap not a real part of the OmniAuth ecosystem, so you have to use git. For documentation about each individual gem take a look at their GitHub project pages.


Check out the OmniAuth 1.0 page for more details about what's coming in OmniAuth 1.0 and please give as much feedback as possible. Thanks!