Upgrading to 1.0

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The release of OmniAuth 1.0 was a significant departure from the existing infrastructure and many things are different. This page is meant to be a collection of resources to help those trying to upgrade.

OmniAuth 1.0 is NOT a simple upgrade from 0.x -- many strategies have not been ported, gems are different, syntax can be different. Please be aware of this before trying to upgrade.

Update Your Gems

OmniAuth 1.0 separates all strategies out into independent gems. That means that many strategies have not yet been ported over because no one has "adopted" them for 1.0. Here's what you need to do:

  • Go to the List of Strategies wiki page and check for the strategies you need. For each one, click through and make note of how to use it from the documentation there.
  • Include each strategy's gem in your application's Gemfile.
  • If you don't see the strategy you want listed, it may not have been ported yet. Check out omniauth-contrib for some suggestions on porting it yourself.

Doublecheck Your Strategy Arguments

The arguments that you supply to any given OmniAuth strategy may have changed in 1.0. Check the specific documentation for the strategies you use to see if any semantics have changed.

Be Aware of Auth Hash Changes

The Auth Hash returned from OmniAuth has gone through some changes. Most significantly, the user_info key is now just info along with some other smaller changes. Look at the Auth Hash Schema page to see how things have changed and update your app accordingly.

If you have questions that aren't covered by this document, please file an issue and I will try to update the document with additional info.