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Working Group Two (also known as “Working Group 2”, “wgtwo” and “wg2”) is working to make the mobile subscription much more useful and relevant than it is today. We are giving mobile operators the ability to work the “Internet way”. This includes promoting a platform logic, taking control of the technology, enabling rapid iterations and focusing on the end-user experience.

Our strategy is to make the mobile core network programmable and accessible for third parties. At the heart of our effort is building a mobile core network, delivered as-a-service. We then enable this network to run across different radio networks. Finally, we expose core network functionality through APIs to third parties. The logic is not unlike that of operating systems in the smartphone world: A homogeneous software layer on top of heterogeneous hardware to enable a platform of innovative products and services.

We have offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Trondheim. Learn more about how it is working with us on our career page.

Our partners

{% include partner.html title="Cisco" imgUrl="/img/partners/cisco.png" description=" Cisco is a worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984. Cisco is our partner and contributes with technology, products and customer discussions. "%}

{% include partner.html title="Amazon Web Services (AWS)" imgUrl="/img/partners/aws.png" description=" We are an Advanced Technology Partner in Amazon's Partner Network (APN). "%}

Our investors

Telenor and Digital Alpha LLP are our biggest investors and own 47.5% each. The remaining 5% is owned by the board and the employees.

{% include partner.html title="TN" imgUrl="/img/partners/telenor.png" description=" A major mobile operator with almost 200 million customers in Europe and Asia. "%}

{% include partner.html title="Digital Alpha" imgUrl="/img/partners/digitalalpha.png" description=" An investment firm with a strategic collaboration agreement with Cisco Systems. "%}

{% include partner.html title="Our board and employees" imgUrl="/img/partners/people.png" description=" Working Group Two is owned approximately 5% by the board and the employees. "%}