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Our offices

{% include office.html icon="star" name="Oslo (HQ)" address="Tordenskioldsgate 2,
0160 Oslo (Norway)" %} {% include office.html icon="location" name="Stockholm" address="Fleminggatan 20,
11226 Stockholm (Sweden)" %} {% include office.html icon="location" name="Trondheim" address="Olav Tryggvasons gate 30,
7011 Trondheim (Norway)" %}

In certain cases, remote work is also an option.

We are hiring in the following areas:

  • Ops and infrastructure specialists to help us build a secure, flexible and scalable telecom grade infrastructure the Internet way (experience with AWS and Docker is helpful).
  • Backend and Frontend Developers with experience and passion for real time communication services, security, and scalable services. Individuals in the intersection between telco and software development are especially relevant.
  • Mobile core network experts that can help us bring the telecom world into the Internet world.
  • Product Managers

If you would like to join us, please write a bit about yourself and email us at We take your privacy seriously, so we have created a privacy page to explain how we treat your data.

Working at Working Group Two

We aim to make a huge impact in our industry and foster strong personal growth while doing it! We challenge each other, we share knowledge, and we believe in the value of difference of opinion.\ We're a distributed team, but invest in people getting to know each other across locations.

{% include image.html url="/img/career/workout.jpg" caption="We decided to work out at 7am before one of our gatherings..." %} {% include image.html url="/img/career/hackathon.jpg" caption="From our Hackathon in April 2018." %}

Every quarter the entire company meets up for two/three days to have fun and to get to know each other better. Here we find time for events like sledding, skiing, cross-fit, karaoke, you name it!

{% include image.html url="/img/career/map.png" caption="We have people in Norway, Sweden, The UK, and Myanmar" %} {% include image.html url="/img/career/sledding.jpg" caption="We went sledding before Christmas 2017! We forgot to bring a proper camera." %}