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{% include section-image.html img="index.jpg" heading="Working Group Two" %}

Working Group Two offers a mobile core network built the Internet way. We give mobile operators enhanced innovation capacity, while reducing cost and complexity.

{% include left-right-image.html img="a-platform-for-innovation.svg" title="A platform for innovation" text=" Inspired by smartphone app stores, we're building an ecosystem of innovation for the mobile core network. We expose network capabilities through APIs, allowing end-users, third parties, and operators to build new products. "%}

{% include left-right-image.html img="as-a-service.svg" title="As-a-service" text=" By offering our platform as-a-service, we ensure that all operators benefit from the efforts we put into development. We constantly deploy new features, integrate new products, improve security and redundancy, and develop the next ''G'' for you. "%}

{% include left-right-image.html img="cloud-native.svg" title="Cloud native" text=" Our platform is built to leverage cloud infrastructure. We currently use public clouds, but can move to private if needed. By leveraging cloud infrastructure, we can be agile and cost effective, and focus our efforts on creating value for operators and end-users. "%}

{% include left-right-image.html img="operator-friendly.svg" title="Operator friendly" text=" When partnering with us, operators get access to unique functionality they can use to attract new users. Our business model is primarily based on a per-user fee, so we really want our operators to grow. Benchmarks have shown we can cut costs up to 50% on a TCO basis. "%}

Making a difference

We focus on making a difference for both operators and end-users. When we succeed in our mission, operators on our platform have more satisfied customers that use their mobile connectivity in new and meaningful ways.

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If you're an operator looking for a modern core, head on over to our [product](/our-product) or [faq](/faq) pages.

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