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🚧 I do not maintain this project anymore. Feel free to try using it (although I cannot guarantee it works), send me pull requests, fork or get in contact if you want to take it over. I personally use debug-dude now.

Super Simple JavaScript Logging based on console.log with unix terminal colors and iso timestamps

No external dependencies, super lightweight!

log-simple example


npm install log-simple --save


log-simple is component-based, this makes it easy to figure out where logs are coming from. To get started with log-simple, do this:

var log = require('log-simple')('component-name');"Hello World!");

You don't need to specify a component name (only recommended when you have a small, single file project):

var log = require('log-simple')();"Hello World!");

Note: If you specify an object as the first argument, it's interpreted as the config, not the component name. I'm setting init to false here, because we don't need to see the init message if we only have one component.


log-simple can also be configured. The values in the example below are the default values. This should be self-explanatory:

var log = require('log-simple')('component-name', {
    debug: true, // show debug messages
    time: true, // show time
    init: false // show component init message

Log levels

There are the following log levels: log.debug() log.warn() log.error() log.critical()

log-simple also has minimalistic log levels, for the lazy (or minimalistic) ones: log.d() log.i() log.w() log.e() log.c()

If you want to make your code especially short (and unreadable), you can require log-simple as l and then do l.i('Hello World!').

Logging objects

log-simple is basically a wrapper for console.log. This means you can use it just like console.log. To log an object, simply do:

var log = require('log-simple')({init: false});
var test = {hello: 'world'};
log.debug('Testing object logging', test);


💬 Super Simple JavaScript Logging




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