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<function-signature>java.lang.String formatPercent(java.lang.Number)</function-signature>
Format the given number to nearest 10<sup>n</sup> (rounded to thousands), immediately suffixed (without space)
with lowercased IEC unit (k, m, g, t, p and e), rounding half up with a precision of 3 digits, whereafter
trailing zeroes in fraction part are stripped. Numbers lower than thousand are not affected.
For example (with English locale):
<li>999.999 will appear as 999.999
<li>1000 will appear as 1k
<li>1004 will appear as 1k
<li>1005 will appear as 1.01k
<li>1594 will appear as 1.59k
<li>1595 will appear as 1.6k
<li>9000 will appear as 9k
<li>9900 will appear as 9.9k
<li>9994 will appear as 9.99k
<li>9995 will appear as 10k
<li>99990 will appear as 100k
<li>9994999 will appear as 9.99m
<li>9995000 will appear as 10.0m
The format locale will be set to the one as obtained by <code>Faces#getLocale()</code>.
If the value is <code>null</code>, <code>NaN</code> or infinity, then this will return <code>null</code>.
<function-signature>java.lang.String formatThousands(java.lang.Number)</function-signature>
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