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Support pre/postInvokeAction event on any component.

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BalusC committed Sep 4, 2015
1 parent dabcce6 commit d364daff7f4bb69bc78eb7030610e3a77e412fbb
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  1. +11 −7 src/main/java/org/omnifaces/eventlistener/
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
* the concrete functional requirement for which a <code>&lt;f:event type="preRenderView"&gt;</code> workaround is often
* been used in JSF 2.0 and 2.1.
* <p>
* This event is not only supported on {@link UIViewRoot}, but it is also supported on {@link UIForm}, {@link UIInput}
* This event is supported on any {@link UIComponent}, including {@link UIViewRoot}, {@link UIForm}, {@link UIInput} and
* {@link UICommand} components. This thus also provides the possibility to invoke multiple action listeners on a single
* {@link UIInput} and {@link UICommand} component on an easy manner.
* <p>
@@ -83,15 +83,19 @@ public InvokeActionEventListener() {
// Actions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Returns <code>true</code> only when the given source is an instance of {@link UIViewRoot}, {@link UIForm},
* {@link UIInput} or {@link UICommand}.
* Returns <code>true</code> only when the given source is an {@link UIComponent} which has listeners for
* {@link PreInvokeActionEvent} or {@link PostInvokeActionEvent}.
public boolean isListenerForSource(Object source) {
return source instanceof UIViewRoot
|| source instanceof UIForm
|| source instanceof UIInput
|| source instanceof UICommand;
if (!(source instanceof UIComponent)) {
return false;
UIComponent component = (UIComponent) source;
return !isEmpty(component.getListenersForEventClass(PreInvokeActionEvent.class))
|| !isEmpty(component.getListenersForEventClass(PostInvokeActionEvent.class));

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