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#113: added Marco Janc for <o:url>

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1 parent 45c131a commit e19c5d33d96cbe9b55829a9912f4e2ba82b45bd5 @BalusC BalusC committed May 21, 2016
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@@ -23,7 +23,10 @@ Michele Mariotti
Stephan Rauh
For his idea and code to cache combined resources.
+Marco Janc
+ For the inspiration for <o:url> tag.
And of course a general thank you to everyone who contributed by creating an issue, pointing out a defect, etc.
If you think anyone else who is not in the list should be there, please create an issue for this at

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djmj commented on e19c5d3 Dec 31, 2016

Thank you, but more i thank you for creating and maintaining omnifaces.

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