ValidateBean doesn't update values provided by Composite Components #240

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CSchulz commented Apr 19, 2016 edited

Consider following component in template

        <r:booleanCheckbox value="#{controller.entity.value}" />

and the following composite component:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns=""

    <cc:attribute name="value" required="true" />

    <div id="#{cc.clientId}">
      <div class="form-element-input">
        <p:selectBooleanCheckbox id="checkbox" value="#{cc.attrs.value}" >
          <cc:insertChildren />

The ValidateBean class doesn't recognize it as valid property in if (valueReference.getBase().equals(base)) { (source). In my case the base is the nestd ExpressionEvalMap class of CompositeComponentAttributesELResolver (Mojarra).

I think the ValidateBean class should recognize CompositeComponent properties and dive through all "value" attributes.

f.e. in my case the following resolution will work:

if (getValueReference(context.getELContext(), valueReference.getBase().getExpression("value")).equals(base))}

If someone has some ideas how to fix it, I would prepare a pull request.

@BalusC BalusC closed this in f0ca9d9 Apr 28, 2016
BalusC commented Apr 28, 2016

Fix is available in today's latest 2.4-SNAPSHOT. Can you give it a try and let me know?

CSchulz commented Apr 28, 2016 edited

It seems there is a regression bug now (see #144)

21:40:48,693 SEVERE [org.omnifaces.taghandler.ValidateBean] (default task-106) Exception occured while doing validation.: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot convert org.omnifaces.el.ExpressionInspector$FinalBaseHolder@ed5de7f of type class org.omnifaces.el.ExpressionInspector$FinalBaseHolder to class java.lang.Boolean
    at com.sun.el.lang.ELSupport.coerceToBoolean( [javax.el-3.0.1-b05.jar:]
    at com.sun.el.parser.AstChoice.getValue( [javax.el-3.0.1-b05.jar:]
    at com.sun.el.ValueExpressionImpl.getValue( [javax.el-3.0.1-b05.jar:]
    at org.jboss.weld.el.WeldValueExpression.getValue( [weld-core-impl-2.2.6.Final.jar:2014-10-03 10:05]
    at org.jboss.weld.el.WeldValueExpression.getValue( [weld-core-impl-2.2.6.Final.jar:2014-10-03 10:05]
    at com.sun.faces.facelets.el.TagValueExpression.getValue( [jsf-impl-2.2.8-jbossorg-1.jar:]
    at org.omnifaces.el.ExpressionInspector.getValueReference( [omnifaces-2.4-20160428.144047-7.jar:2.4-SNAPSHOT]
    at org.omnifaces.el.ExpressionInspector.getValueReference( [omnifaces-2.4-20160428.144047-7.jar:2.4-SNAPSHOT]
    at org.omnifaces.taghandler.ValidateBean$6.invoke( [omnifaces-2.4-20160428.144047-7.jar:2.4-SNAPSHOT]
    at org.omnifaces.taghandler.ValidateBean$6.invoke( [omnifaces-2.4-20160428.144047-7.jar:2.4-SNAPSHOT]
    at org.omnifaces.util.Components$ForEach$1.visit( [omnifaces-2.4-20160428.144047-7.jar:2.4-SNAPSHOT]

It seems not to be related, it happens for following composite component:

                         value="#{controller.create ? null : schadenController.entity.value}"
                         disabled="#{controller.create}" />
BalusC commented Apr 30, 2016 edited

That's not a valid writable value expression in first place. Outside the composite, you'd face a PropertyNotWritableException on submit. Just use value="#{schadenController.entity.value}".

CSchulz commented Apr 30, 2016

Not real part of the issue, it is value="#{schadenController.entity.embeddable.value}" in my case, but it throw a PNWE because the embeddable doesn't exists.
The idea is for this use case to disable all fields and set the value to null, because it isn't writable.

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