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This is branched from the Blueprint CSS project as of Apr 28, 2010

This document is incomplete, PLEASE contact me with questions and suggestions.

* A more flexible version of Blueprint that allows for meaningful id and class name in the HTML (as opposed to specific styling info like "span_3").  Using less css's mixins ability, structural information can be added to the class or id of a DOM element w/o pulling "styling" information directly into the HTML.  So we get the power of an industrial strength grid based css framework but don't have to compromise semantic HTML.




header {

* A "build" style css framework with really powerful customization right at the top of the files in variable declarations (a work in progress).

more information on less is available at  A textmate bundle is available for less as well as a native Mac OS X app ""

you will need to have less installed (more info at

> sudo gem install less

You can include the same files you normally would for blueprint.

In your HTML include the normal files you would for blueprint

* blueprint/screen.css
* blueprint/print.css
* blueprint/ie.css

push_x, append_x and similar classes have been replaced by push(1) or append(10)

grid attributes are adjustable, but the number of columns isn't set to a maximum.  (in a 10 "column" layout push(30) will still do *something*)

you will need to add the .last mixin to any class in the final column of your design (blueprint had this hardwired)

you may need to "touch" the screen.css if you modify _grid.less or any of the other files it aggregates (_layout.less, _typography.less)

form inputs will need to be styled with the .input_span(@level) mixin for compatible formatting.
* better support for compression (though less does greatly reduce these files)
* figure out a way to keep up with changes in the main blueprint branch
* pull more settings into variables
* possibly pull all the elements of screen.less into one file with a settings header for easier configuration