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LinkBack is an open source framework for Mac OS X that helps developers integrate content from other applications into their own. A user can paste content from any LinkBack-enabled application into another and reopen that content later for editing with just a double-click. Changes will automatically appear in the original document again when you save.


This is based off LinkBack 1.0.3, plus changes and fixes The Omni Group has made over the years for our applications.

Checking out the source

This version of LinkBack depends on the OmniGroup Xcode configuration files, so you'll need a copy of the OmniGroup public frameworks:

git clone git://

Also, internally, we keep the LinkBack source in a peer fold of "OmniGroup" called "Nisus", so you'll need:

mkdir Nisus; cd Nisus
git clone git://

Alternatively, you can check out LinkBack inside the OmniGroup directory:

cd OmniGroup
git clone git://

Configuring Xcode

The source is set up assuming a customized build products directory since that is what we do at Omni.

  • Open Xcode's Building preferences pane
  • Select "Customized location" for the "Place Build Products in:" option
  • Enter a convenient path like /Users/Shared/your-login/Products


The Build script in the OmniGroup repository will find the LinkBack checkout, if you've placed it as above.