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Source for many of The Omni Group's frameworks
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Checking out the source

git clone git://
git submodule update --init


  • We currently use Xcode 6.3 for iOS and Mac OS X. You'll probably have the best results if you do too. However, Xcode 7.0 (beta 2) should build this code fine as well for development purposes.
  • Add the projects you want to your workspace.
  • If building for iOS, you need to edit your scheme to turn off implicit dependencies and parallel builds. Xcode doesn't understand implicit dependencies with static libraries, so you'll need to add the dependencies to your scheme in the right order. We're in the process of converting to iOS frameworks, which should help avoid this Xcode problem.
  • Take a look in the Workspaces directory for a sample workspace for the TextEditor iPad example app.

Supported Targets

  • We require iOS 8.3 and Mac OS X 10.10.

Configuring the Source

We place our project-wide configuration options in xcconfig files, under OmniGroup/Configurations. The naming scheme of the files is fairly straightforward, hopefully. Each project has Omni-Global-{Debug,Release,...}.xcconfig as the basis for the corresponding configuration. Each Mac target has Omni-{Bundle,Application,Tool,...}-{Debug,Release,...}.xcconfig and each iOS target has Touch-{Application,Library}-{Debug,Release,...}.xcconfig. Each of these end point configurations when #includes 'superclass' configurations (with "Common" in the name).


The Workspaces directory contains a couple sample workspace that can be built from Xcode.


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