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// Copyright 2010-2011 The Omni Group. All rights reserved.
// This software may only be used and reproduced according to the
// terms in the file OmniSourceLicense.html, which should be
// distributed with this project and can also be found at
// <>.
// $Id$
#import <OmniFoundation/OFObject.h>
@class NSAttributedString;
@class OAFontDescriptor;
#import <OmniFoundation/OFDataBuffer.h>
@interface OUIRTFWriter : OFObject
NSAttributedString *_attributedString;
NSMutableDictionary *_registeredColors;
NSMutableDictionary *_registeredFonts;
OFDataBuffer *_dataBuffer;
struct {
struct {
unsigned int bold:1;
unsigned int italic:1;
} flags;
int fontSize;
int fontIndex;
int foregroundColorIndex;
int backgroundColorIndex;
unsigned int underline;
int superscript;
OAFontDescriptor *fontDescriptor;
int alignment;
int firstLineIndent;
int leftIndent;
int rightIndent;
} _state;
+ (NSData *)rtfDataForAttributedString:(NSAttributedString *)attributedString;
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