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Updated with changes from OmniGroup svn [r236760:238988]

  - Builds with Xcode 7.0 beta 4 (still targets 8.3).
  - Converted remaining iOS projects to be frameworks, removing the static library targets.
  - Updated localizations.

  - Removed 'Coverage' configurations since Xcode is adding better support for coverage.
  - Added OMNI_BUILDING_FOR_MAC/OMNI_BUILDING_FOR_IOS to INFOPLIST_OTHER_PREPROCESSOR_FLAGS for sharing Info.plist files between iOS and Mac frameworks.

  - Updated tests to XCTest.

  - Added OBAssertMemEqual() test helper macro..

  - Added -[NSArray(OFExtensions) arrayByInsertingObjectsFromArray:atIndex:].
  - Added -[NSArray(OFExtensions) arrayByRemovingObjectAtIndex:].
  - Added -[NSString(OFExtensions) stringByPaddingToLength:] to the header.

  - Moved ODOEditingContextWillSaveNotification send timing so it is more useful.

  - Continue improvement of external document provider support.

  - Ported ONPortAddress -replacementObjectForPortCoder: as an example of implementing that method.
  - Fixed mis-port to XCTest in ONSocketStreamTests.

  - Add support for pattern colors in OQColor.
  - Start adding support for custom colorspaces in OQColor.

  - Handle errors from /usr/bin/xattr that occur when the user has installed their own Python in /usr instead of /usr/local. Obviously not recommended.
  - Fix spurious console spam on iOS due to not waiting for OSURunOperation() to call its completion block.
  - Add temporary ATS exclusions for
  - Disable sudden termination while installing.

  - Add drawing debug support to the tiled/scaling view.
  - Add support for popovers disabling toolbar items.
  - Don't show a menu on the text view when there is a popover open.
  - Removed the unused OUIInspectorOptionWheel control.
  - OUIInspectorPane now opts into the OUICustomSubclass support.
  - Remove support for shadow edge views, which we were no longer using.
  - Added support to OUIShieldView for forwarding events to a delegate.

  - Continue improvement of external document provider support.
  - Add support for displaying recent/last updates to documents in synchronizing stores.
  - Allow disabling multi-select in the document picker.

  - Avoid possible responder loop that could cause a crash in target-selection.
  - Removed unused OAResizingTitleBarButton.
  - Removed unused -[NSColor(OAExtensions) isPatternSimilarToColorPattern:].
  - -[NSDocument(OAExtensions) orderedWindowControllers] no longer mistakenly assumes the window delegate is the windowController.
  - Avoid assertions when creating OAFontDescriptors, dealing with internal system fonts.

  - More support for embedding inspectors in a sidebar, switching configurations of inspector workspaces.
  - Updated look of various parts of inspector chrome.
  - Bunch of minor cleanup.

  - Add support for reading Xcode projects/workspaces from location A while they act as if they are at location B (for the purposes of reporting paths of stuff inside them).
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