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Updated with changes from OmniGroup svn [r217626:220067]

- Lots more deprecation fixes for APIs that were soft deprecated in the past, but no one noticed... Still plenty of deprecation warnings to fix on the Mac side.
- Removed 'Rez' build phases and updated projects to Xcode 6.1.
- More progress on converting iOS static library targets to frameworks. Plenty more to do.
- Fixed various issues with attempting to turn on ObjC modules. Sadly, builds with modules enabled are slower than using prefix headers. Didn't add the modulemap files since we didn't turn on modules after all.
- Updated/added localized string files
- Added @3x images for iOS and some @2x images for Mac

- Added +protocols debugging method

- Added OFByteProviderProtocol
- Added OFASN1Utilities
- Fixed registration of the crash-on-unhandled-exception preference
- Require 10.10 in our runtime checks
- Improved parsing of dates in more locales with OFRelativeDateParser and fall back to US formats (so 'today' will always work). Extended tests to cover these cases.
- Added NSFileManager wrappers for setting the NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey key

- Removed old code that attempted to display uncaught exceptions and keep limping on. In an autosave world, we prefer to get a crash report so we can fix it.
- Improved font matching in OAFontDescriptor
- Avoid crashes in WebKit under Yosemite due to non-retained backpointer being kept alive

- Automatically retry some operations when we get kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork/kCFURLErrorNetworkConnectionLost. Yosemite seems to have a bug with reusing SSL connections when the server has closed the remote socket. But, we've not been able to track down a standalone test case.
- Remove finished NSURLConnections in ODAVConnections when they are done

- Incorporate changes from more recent OmniFocus branches

- Added experimental/prototype support for encryption. More work needed before this should be used.

- Set sample documents to be not backed up until the first time they are edited.
- More work on adaptable interfaces

- Add support for OFByteAcceptor/OFByteProvider
latest commit 670db3e8bd
Timothy J. Wood tjw authored
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