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Latest commit c9074b @tjw tjw Updated with changes from OmniGroup svn [r238988:243304]
  - Requires Xcode 7.0 GM, and iOS 9.0.
  - Updates for some files to build with watchOS 2.
  - Updated localizations.
  - Updated URL encoding to use non-deprecated API.
  - Be explicit about __autoreleasing annotations on NSError in more places.

  - Updates to support building xcarchives, compiling swift, and watchOS 2.

  - BuildStringsFromTarget scans swift source files for localizable strings.
  - Build a SVNVersion.h for watchOS targets.

  - Extend OBBacktraceBuffer to include a context pointer and a message string.
  - Extend OBBacktraceBufferType to include OBBacktraceBuffer_PerformSelector.
  - Added OBRecordBacktraceWithContext(), which is useful for logging a context that allows matching up backtraces involved with the same object.
  - Extended OBExpectedDeallocation to allow passing a block to check the still-live object and report a reason why it might still be around. For example, a view might check if it still has a superview.
  - Don't complain about runtime inconsistencies in the Swift runtime library.
  - Add a watchOS framework.
  - Add OB_GENERIC_ARG(t) macro for generics on method/function argument types. But, now that we require 7.0 these macros will go away soon.

  - Added NSDictionary -> OFBijection support.
  - Fix a performance issue in OFRelativeDateFormatter. Apple's text measurement calls us with @"Wj" very often and that's never a valid date.
  - Use -[NSData enumerateByteRangesUsingBlock:] when computing a signature on NSData, instead of forcing the data to become contiguous.
  - Updated for some buggy nullability annotations in Xcode 7.0 headers.
  - Fix some bugs in the ASN.1 DER walker; allow forcing DER instead of BER.
  - Check for the existence of a few trailing fields in a certificate when trying to decide if a blob looks like a certificate.
  - Added OFKeyPathWithProtocol().
  - Stop forcing a crash on NSXPCSharedListener assertions. This is a internal issue in NSSavePanel (which maybe it recovers from).
  - Added generic annotations to OFWeakReference.
  - Added calls to OBRecordBacktrace{,WithContext} when enqueuing delayed blocks and selectors, to help match up the enqueue site with the delayed site, in case of a crash.
  - Don't catch and ignore exceptions in OFQueueProcessor -- we want to crash instead.
  - Added unit tests for some of our crypto-related parse/unparse code, plus Apple's RFC3394 implementation.

  - Updated for OQColor moving to OmniAppKit.
  - Fixed a few symbols that didn't have a OQ prefix.

  - Moved OQColor to OAColor; .sdef snippet remains in OmniQuartz for now.
  - Moved OUIAppearance to OAAppearance, including unit tests.
  - Fixed support for OAPopupDatePicker when there is neither a binding or action.
  - Use systemFontOfSize: in some places that were using specific fonts.
  - Some appearance plist changes.
  - Highlight toolbar buttons when bringing up menu.
  - Removed workarounds for nullability problems that Apple fixed.
  - Updated toolbar button drop down icon to be a chevron.
  - Add -blendedColorWithFraction:ofColor: on OAWhiteColor.
  - Call OBRecordBacktrace with OBBacktraceBuffer_PerformSelector in -[OAApplication sendAction:to:from:].
  - Add support for expecting the deallocation of a tree of views, including a check for whether a view still has a superview.
  - Check OAMessageOfTheDayCheckOnLaunch before displaying release notes.
  - Add exception wrapper around reading NSColorLists to (partially) avoid a bug in 10.11 with reading ancient .clr files.
  - Fixed OAAppearance's subclassing model to behave like you'd expect w.r.t. caching implementations for dynamic properties and plist values.
  - Update OAGetColorRefComponents() to return something on unexpected colorspaces that are still RGB based.

  - Stop switching the inspector window title to italic.
  - Updated appearance plist and other styling of inspectors.
  - Removed some unused resources and classes.
  - Fixed inspector menu sub-menus.
  - Fixed toggling expanding of inspectors to not collapse non-collapsible inspectors.
  - Fixed updating the key view loop when switching tabs in the scrolling/tabbed inspector.

  - Switched to Base localization.
  - Removed workaround for Radar 21947220 (AuthorizationRightGet() has incorrect annotation for returned reference count on rightDefinition parameter), which has been fixed.
  - Fixed a off-by-one error that Address Sanitizer caught.
  - Remove last use of deprecated SM* API. We no longer try to check the installed helper tool's version in this way, since we include the version in the tool's identifier now (we still ask it for its version via XPC).

  - Handle moves of ODSFileItems between scopes by updating the item's scope.
  - Don't export zip wrappers to document providers.
  - Added some additional delegate hooks.
  - Updated for iOS 9's handling of inbox documents from iCloud Drive.

  - More work on document encryption.

  - Updated for OUIAppearance moving to OmniAppKit.
  - Removed cover methods for dealing with UIPopoverController, which is deprecated.
  - Remove use of UIPopoverController.
  - Adaptability fixes for multitasking environments.
  - Removed -replaceTextStorage: hack on UITextView, which failed in iOS 9 (unsurprisingly). Building a full text stack is needed now.
  - Make OmniUI as extension safe, and then mark unsafe methods with NS_EXTENSION_UNAVAILABLE_IOS annotations.

  - Updated for removal of UIPopoverController-based API.
  - Removed use of deprecated API.
  - Improved handling of inbox items in iOS 9.
  - Improved handling of document provider vended documents.
  - Added a document provider preferences view controller.
  - Fixed bug in observing the state of the undo manager for a document.
  - Fixed some bugs in the 'last edit' view displayed for documents when they are opened.
  - Added some support methods for implementing CoreSpotlight support in iOS 9.
  - Added a dismissingAnyOpenDocument: argument to -[OUIDocumentPicker navigateToContainerForItem:animated:].
  - Updated various view presentations to take an explicit parent view controller.
  - Delay flushing our preview cache until after snapshots (probably) have been taken.
  - Various other multitasking support, bug fixes, and UI polish.
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