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Latest commit 0fd681e @tjw tjw Updated with changes from OmniGroup svn [r243304:246662]

	- Disabled Bitcode on Mac and iOS, since it prevents decoding of crashes from 3rd party reporters (still enabled for watchOS).

    - Parse and report the project-level configurations rubylib/xcodeproj.rb.

	- Turn of backtraces for expected deallocations that didn't happen.
	- Record a backtrace buffer when NSErrors are created.
	- Fix whitelist for libswift runtime check.

	- Added support for whitelisting export-only UTIs that have conflicting extensions.
	- Added -[NSArray flattenedArrayByPerformingBlock:].
	- In OFRelativeDateParser, check if the next token exactly matches a code (such as “month”) before allowing a match on a short weekday name (such as “mon”).
	- Fix the flags being passed to SecItemImport().
	- Added assertions when editing a OFPreference on a background queue, since it posts notifications and KVO that may be unsafe.
	- Added -[NSString stringByTruncatingToMaximumLength:atSpaceAfterMinimumLength:].

	- Added utilties for hiding/showing preference clients dynamically.
	- Updated rendering of OACalendarView for non-key windows.
	- Workaround missing rendering of button in OAPopupDatePicker.
	- Added OAConstraintBasedStackView.
	- Marked -beforeDisplayIfNeededPerformBlock: as deprecated in favor of the all-windows class method.
	- If we get back non-localized strings for preferences, strip some implementation detail suffixes.

    - Fixed regressions with auto-switching to appropriate inspector tabs when the selection changes.
	- Give the window controller for a window with embedded inspectors the chance to do something when you've chosen an inspector menu item.

    - Updated OmniSystemInfo framework to use the built-in XPCServices destination, fixing the created symlinks.
	- Added code to workaround a regression that temporarily had incorrect defaults on iOS.
	- Added string support for OSUProbe.

    - More WIP on document encryption, including some notes.

	- Fix deletions of folders.

    - Added 3D touch support for a recent list of documents and creating a new document.
	- Added peek/pop support for document previews.
	- Updated how undo groups are closed to avoid accidentally triggering animations early.

	- Fixed invalidation of OUISegmentedViewController to not load the view if it wasn't loaded.
	- Fixed parent view controller for alert presentation.
	- Make IAP restoration logic more robust.
	- Support email from TestFlight builds now indicates that.
	- Extend OUIKeyCommand to allow for discovery titles and for specific ordering of shortcuts.
	- Updates for new system font.
	- Switch from UIWebView to to WKWebView for release notes to fix a layout issue.
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