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Building OmniOSce

This package contains scripts to help set up and build a copy of OmniOSce on your own server or within a non-global zone.

Each version of OmniOS can only be built on the same version so if you want to build bloody, you need a machine running up-to-date bloody and the same for a stable branch such as r151022 - you will need a machine running the same release version.

Quick start (building in global zone)

It can be useful to create a dedicated ZFS filesystem for the build area (as shown below) but this step is optional.

# zfs create -o mountpoint=/build rpool/build
# chown <builduser> /build

# su - <builduser>

% pkg install git
% git clone
% cd omni

If you just want to build then you can check out the code directly from the omniosorg GitHub repository - just pass the build directory as an argument to the setup script:

% ./setup /build

However, if you want to do any development then you will also need a GitHub account and to have forked the illumos-omnios, omnios-build, and kayak repositories before proceeding. The username for your github account must be provided as an argument to the setup script.

% ./setup /build <github username>

Then you can kick off an update and a build.

% omni update_world
% omni build_world

To build media, use the build_media target:

% omni build_media

Example build zone setup

Building within a zone also works well with a couple of additional privileges over the default set as shown in the example below. It is however not possible to generate release media from within a zone.

To create a zone suitable for building:

# dladm create-vnic -l igb0 omni0

# zonecfg -z omni
omni: No such zone configured
Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.
zonecfg:omni> create
zonecfg:omni> set brand=lipkg
zonecfg:omni> set zonepath=/data/zone/omni
zonecfg:omni> set fs-allowed=ufs
zonecfg:omni> set limitpriv=default,dtrace_user,dtrace_proc
zonecfg:omni> set ip-type=exclusive
zonecfg:omni> add net
zonecfg:omni:net> set physical=omni0
zonecfg:omni:net> end
zonecfg:omni> verify
zonecfg:omni> commit
zonecfg:omni> exit

# zoneadm -z omni install
A ZFS file system has been created for this zone.
Sanity Check: Looking for 'entire' incorporation.
       Image: Preparing at /data/zone/omni/root.

   Publisher: Using omnios (

# zoneadm -z omni boot
# zlogin omni

# ipadm create-if omni0
# ipadm create-addr -T static -a local=x.x.x.x/y omni0/v4
# echo x.x.x.x > /etc/defaultrouter
# echo 'nameserver' > /etc/resolv.conf
# cp /etc/nsswitch.{dns,conf}
# svcadm restart routing-setup

# zfs create -o mountpoint=/build data/zone/omni/ROOT/build

The process for then building illumos-omnios and OmniOS itself is the same as in the global zone.