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Release Notes for OmniOSce v11 r151046

Stable and Long-Term-Supported (LTS) Release, 1st of May 2023

uname -a shows omnios-r151046-82ebda23c9

r151046 release repository:

Upgrade Notes

Upgrades are supported from the r151038, r151040, r151042 and r151044 releases only. If upgrading from an earlier version, upgrade in stages, referring to the table at

New features since r151044

System Features

  • Python has been upgraded to version 3.11, replacing version 3.10 used in the previous release.

  • NVMe devices are now identified using their namespace GUID, if supported. This may result in the device ID of any NVMe drives changing on the first boot into this release, with accompanying messages on the console.

  • Joining a windows domain via smbadm join now automatically updates the local administrators group to include domain administrators. If necessary, smbadm remove-member can be used to adjust membership.

  • SMB now supports 256-bit ciphers.

  • SMB now has a new configuration option to enable support for short names. Only very old applications on old clients need short names, however it is necessary to support running the Windows Protocol Test Suites.

  • The omnios-build framework has seen extensive changes as a result of introducing support for building packages for different architectures. Many packages can now be built for 64-bit ARM by passing -a aarch64 to the build script, and a regularly updated testing image is maintained at

Commands and Command Options

  • The which command has been replaced. The new version fixes a number of issues with the old but will no-longer show aliases when invoked from the csh.

  • csh itself is now mediated and will automatically be replaced by tcsh if that package is installed. To switch /usr/bin/csh back to the illumos version, invoke:

    pfexec pkg set-mediator -I illumos csh
  • nvmeadm has been updated to show and refer to namespaces by their namespace IDs, rather than an index. There have also been changes in the list sub-command to better support namespaces.

  • smbadm has been enhanced with the ability to read credentials from stdin.

  • The ls command can now show SIDs instead of ephemeral IDs. Refer to ls(1), in particular the section that discusses the -n option.

  • pcieadm has been updated so that its help messages include the list of available fields.

  • find's -useracl and -groupacl options could produce false positive matches due to ignoring an ACL entry's type.

  • The cxgbetool command now accepts instance names rather than device paths, making it easier to use.

  • The media/cdrtools package has been replaced by media/xorriso which provides compatible cdrecord and mkisofs utilities.

Libraries and Library Functions

  • The isatty() function has been updated so that it always sets errno when returning 0. Although both behaviours are compliant with the POSIX standard, some third party software incorrectly expects errno to be set.

  • When retrieving a list of interface addresses via the SIOCGLIFCONF ioctl, the sin6_scope_id field is now filled in.

  • libpcre2 now includes 16 and 32-bit character support.


  • There have been several improvements to zone networking so that links created directly within a zone are now properly cleaned up. In general, cleaning up links on zone halt is much improved.


  • The virtio-viona network driver now supports a control queue and promiscuous mode.

  • A new kstat has been added to show details of the vmm reservoir.

  • The virtio 9p buffers have been expanded to improve performance.

  • bhyve supports more customisation of smbios data via the -B option and via configuration file directives.

  • The emulated nvme driver has been updated as a result of additional compliance testing.


  • The ZFS autoexpand property now works for root pools.

  • It is now possible to directly import a root pool from a /devices path.

  • zpool list no longer truncates long device names to 64 characters.

  • zfs allow could display incorrect information for filesystems which had allow -c set but not allow -s.

Package Management

  • The snoop command has been split into its own package.


  • The bundled firmware in the cxgbe driver has been updated to version

Developer Features

  • ctfdump now additionally displays bitfield member offsets in bytes and fractions of bytes.

  • errc, verrc, warnc and vwarnc functions have been added to libc.

  • ld now fills out more of the PT_DYNAMIC section which resolves inter-operability problems with recently released binutils.

  • intro(9F) has been rewritten and extended to better introduce kernel programming topics.

  • The gcc12 compiler has a new -fforce-omit-frame-pointer that can be used for building things that absolutely require the frame pointer to be omitted. This hinders the debugability of the generated artefacts with tools such as mdb and dtrace.

  • gcc has been updated to allow the %h and %hh length modifiers in kernel code.

Deprecated features

  • The grub boot loader is deprecated and is scheduled for removal in the r151048 release. It will be supported in r151046 for the full LTS time frame, up to May 2026. If you have not yet migrated to the new boot loader, and would like assistance, please get in touch.

  • The Service Location Protocol (SLP) service that was provided by the service/network/slp package is no longer shipped with OmniOS. SLP is a legacy protocol that has a number of known security problems, such as CVE-2023-29552.

  • OpenSSH in OmniOS no longer provides support for GSSAPI key exchange. This was removed in release r151038.

  • Python 2 is now end-of-life and will not receive any further updates. The python-27 package is still available for backwards compatibility but will be maintained only on a best-efforts basis.

  • OpenSSL 1.0.x is deprecated and reached end-of-support at the end of 2019. OpenSSL 1.1.1 will reach end-of-support in September 2023. OmniOS has transitioned to OpenSSL 3 and still ships OpenSSL 1.1.1 for compatibility. The OpenSSL 1.0.2 libraries are also retained for backwards compatibility but are maintained solely on a best-efforts basis.

Package changes

Package Old Version New Version
compress/xz 5.2.6 5.4.2
data/iso-codes 4.11.0 4.13.0
database/sqlite-3 3.39.4 3.41.2
developer/build/gnu-make 4.3 4.4.1
developer/gnu-binutils 2.39 2.40
developer/nasm 2.15.5 2.16.1
developer/swig 4.0.2 4.1.1
developer/versioning/git 2.37.7 2.40.1
developer/versioning/mercurial 6.2.2 6.3.3
file/gnu-coreutils 9.1 9.3
library/c++/sigcpp 3.2.0 3.4.0
library/expat 2.4.9 2.5.0
library/glib2 2.74.0 2.74.6
library/libffi 3.4.3 3.4.4
library/mpc 1.2.1 1.3.1
library/mpfr 4.1.0 4.2.0
library/ncurses 6.3 6.4
library/nghttp2 1.50.0 1.52.0
library/nspr 4.34.1 4.35
library/nspr/header-nspr 4.34.1 4.35
library/pcre2 10.40 10.42
library/python-3/attrs-311 22.1.0 22.2.0
library/python-3/coverage-311 6.4.4 7.2.2
library/python-3/crossenv-311 New 1.4.0
library/python-3/cryptography-311 38.0.1 39.0.2
library/python-3/jsonschema-311 4.16.0 4.17.3
library/python-3/meson-311 0.63.2 1.0.1
library/python-3/orjson-311 3.8.0 3.8.8
library/python-3/pip-311 22.2.2 23.0.1
library/python-3/pycodestyle-311 2.9.1 2.10.0
library/python-3/pyopenssl-311 22.0.0 23.0.0
library/python-3/pyrsistent-311 0.18.1 0.19.3
library/python-3/rapidjson-311 1.8 1.10
library/python-3/setuptools-311 65.3.0 67.6.0
library/python-3/typing-extensions-311 4.3.0 4.5.0
library/readline 8.1.2 8.2
media/cdrtools 3.1 Removed
media/xorriso New
network/dns/bind 9.18.7 9.18.14
network/openssh 9.0.1 9.3.1
network/openssh-server 9.0.1 9.3.1
network/rsync 3.2.6 3.2.7
network/service/isc-dhcp 4.4.3
network/snoop New 0.5.11
runtime/python-310 3.10.11 Removed
runtime/python-311 New 3.11.3
service/network/ntpsec 1.2.1 1.2.2
service/network/slp 0.5.11 Removed
shell/bash 5.1.16 5.2.15
shell/tcsh 6.24.1 6.24.7
system/bhyve/firmware 20220329 20230201
system/data/hardware-registry 2022.9.9 2023.2.23
system/data/urxvt-terminfo 9.30 9.31
system/library/dbus 1.14.2 1.14.6
system/library/libdbus 1.14.2 1.14.6
system/library/mozilla-nss 3.83 3.89
system/library/mozilla-nss/header-nss 3.83 3.89
system/library/pcap 1.10.1 1.10.3
system/management/cloud-init 22.3 23.1.1
system/pciutils 3.8.0 3.9.0
system/pciutils/pci.ids 2.2.20220909 2.2.20230223
system/rsyslog 8.2208.0 8.2302.0
system/test/fio 3.32 3.34
system/virtualization/open-vm-tools 12.1.0 12.2.0
text/gawk 5.2.0 5.2.1
text/gnu-diffutils 3.8 3.9
text/gnu-gettext 0.21 0.21.1
text/gnu-grep 3.8 3.10
text/gnu-sed 4.8 4.9