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typo & README for docs #3

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It might be obvious for Python developers how to build the docs, but it got be puzzled for a bit so I added a tiny README in the /docs folder on how to build the docs

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Commits on Mar 27, 2013
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    added info on how to build docs

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+Build docs
+The docs in /docs/dev and /docs/user can be build using [sphinx]( Install with:
+$ easy_install sphinx
+To generate the respective dev & user docs, run `make` and follow
+the instructions in `docs/dev` and `docs/user/de`.
2  docs/dev/source/static_pages.rst
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Static pages
-GBI-Server is not a CMS, but you can add contant as static files (e.g. for terms of use, etc).
+GBI-Server is not a CMS, but you can add content as static files (e.g. for terms of use, etc).
You need to configure ``STATIC_PAGES_DIR`` to point to a directory with HTML files.
The URL ``/page/<lang>/<name>`` will return the file ``STATIC_PAGES_DIR/<lang>/<name>``.
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