Dimensional charting built to work natively with crossfilter rendered using d3.js
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MapD Charting

Dimensional charting built to work natively with crossfilter rendered using d3.js.


Flights Dataset: Brushing on timeline with Bubble Chart and Row Chart


Tweets Dataset: Brushing on timeline and hovering on Pointmap datapoint which displays row information


Tweets Dataset: Using MapD-Draw tool on pointmap to select specific areas on a map



Visit our examples page for ideas of what can be created MapD Charting

Quick Start

Step 1: Install Dependencies
yarn install #downloads all dependencies and devDependencies
Step 2: Run Start Script
yarn run start
yarn run watch


MapD-Charting is a superfast charting library that works natively with crossfilter that is based off dc.js. It is designed to work with MapD-Connector and MapD-Crossfilter to create charts instantly with our MapD-Core SQL Database. Please see examples for further understanding to quickly create interactive charts.

Our Tweetmap Demo was made only using MapD-Charting.


Visit our API Docs for additional information on MapD Charting


New components in MapD-Charting should be unit-tested and linted. All tests will be in the same folder as the new component.

+-- src
|   +-- /mixins/new-mixin-component.js
|   +-- /mixins/new-mixin-component.unit.spec.js

The linter and all tests run on

yarn run test

To check only unit-tests run:

yarn run test:unit


Please lint all your code in mapd-charting/. The lint config file can be found in .eslintrc.json. For new components, please fix all lint warnings and errors.


Command Description
yarn run start Copies files for examples and then serves the example
yarn run build Runs webpack and builds js and css in /dist
yarn run docs Creates and opens docs
yarn run test Runs both linting and unit tests
yarn run clean Removes node modules, dist, docs, and example files


The charting library uses documentation.js for API documentation. Docs can be built and viewed locally with the npm run docs command.


Interested in contributing? We'd love for you to help! Check out Contributing.MD