MapD3 charts library optimized for fast interactivity
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MapD3 is a D3v4 charts library developed for MapD Immerse. It is in active development, currently at 0.16. We will accept PRs and bug reports once we reach 1.0.0.

The main component is mapd3.chart, which is a wrapper for a suite of sub-components, like axis, tooltip, marks, labels, etc. The chart type is nothing more than a configuration option (currently line, area, bar and variants of those).


The documentation is generated with documentationjs.

The chart API is very simple: instantiate a chart, set configuration, set data, which automatically triggers a render, otherwise explicitely call render.

        width: 800,
        height: 400,
        keyType: "time",
        chartType: "line"

A complete example, including the use of a data generator, is available in this ObservaleHQ Notebook:


Look in /package.json for the build scripts. It is available as an npm package.