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Installation scripts for MapD on Microsoft Azure
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Installing MapD Community Edition on Microsoft Azure

This repository contains scripts that can be used to install MapD Community Edition on Microsoft Azure.

Getting Started

Installation instructions assume you have already signed up for a Microsoft Azure account with sufficient access to create resources.

Azure CLI Tools

Although the scripts in this repository can be used manually to install MapD Community Edition on an Azure VM via the Azure Portal, for more automated installation you need to install Azure CLI 2.0.

Once the Azure CLI tools are installed, you'll need to authenticate using the following command: az login

You only need to authenticate once over many days, re-authenticating only when the Azure CLI tells you that your token has expired (or, if you switch computers).

Installation: Creating an Azure Instance and Docker

The script is the entry-point for creating an Azure instance. In this script, the values are hard-coded to create a GPU-enabled instance with the following characteristics:

Resource Type Description
GPU 1/2 NVIDIA Tesla K80

These values are just a suggestion to get started with; adding more GPUs/RAM/SSD will depend on desired performance and the size of datasets you plan to analyze.

To kickoff an instance, clone this repo, then run the following command: bash This main script will create the VM instance on Azure, install Docker/nvidia-docker, then start the MapD instance with the MapD Immerse interface.

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