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OmniSciDB, formerly MapD Core, is an open source SQL-based, relational, columnar database engine powered by OmniSci.

In this wiki you will find documentation, resources and updates for developers working with (or contributing to) the OmniSciDB project.

OmniSciDB Overview

OmniSciDB is an open-source, GPU-accelerated database that is the foundation of the OmniSci platform.

OmniSciDB Architecture

Brief Explanation of Architecture:

Omnisci provides a comprehensive platform for data analysis.

  • OmniSciDB: an open-source SQL engine. This project does not require a license, and does not include OmniSci Immerse or Rendering.
  • OmniSci Render: server-side rendering. This functionality is only available in the licensed product.
  • OmniSci Immerse: web-based data visualization. This functionality is only available in the licensed product.

For a complete and detailed overview, please visit the OmniSci website.

Additional information about the technical architecture can be found by visiting the Architecture page.


For complete download and installation instructions, please visit the Documentation page.

Navigating Around

OmniSciDB Documentation Setup Community & Resources
Overview of OmniSciDB Developer Friendly Technical Documentation Step-by-step getting started documentation Important links, community resources and updates

Downloads and Installation Instructions

Developers can find a complete list of resources, installation instructions, videos and resources for installing OmniSciDB by visiting the Downloads page or Documentation.

Additional information on set up can be found by visiting the Setup page.

Pre-built binaries for Linux for stable releases of the project:

Distro Package type CPU/GPU Download Link Installation Guide
Ubuntu DEB CPU deb stable cpu
Ubuntu DEB GPU deb stable cuda
* tarball CPU
* tarball GPU


Developers are encouraged to contribute to this open source project. Check out the Contributing page to learn more.

Need Help?

If you have questions and would like to connect with the maintainers of this open source project, please visit the official online forum and community.

Copyright & License

This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

The repository includes a number of third party packages provided under separate licenses. Details about these packages and their respective licenses is at ThirdParty/licenses/

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