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OmniSci Community

Welcome to the OmniSci Community!

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Ask questions, join discussion groups Meetups, conferences, usergroups and more Start contributing to this open source project Learn more about our partnerships with companies like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Below is a list of community generated resources, how-tos, tutorials and more to help you get started and keep building with OmniSciDB.

Discussion Groups

Programming Language

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Tutorials & Demos

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Videos & Presentations

Highlighted Presentations

ICYMI: All of our presentations from Meetups, Conferences and Beyond from the Community Team and Maintainers

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More Open Source Projects

In addition to OmniSciDB, there are other open source projects that connect to OmniSciDB based on programming language such as Javascript, Python and Julia.

  • MapD connector A JavaScript library for connecting to a OmniSci GPU database and running queries.
  • PyMapD Python client for OmniSci GPU-accelerated SQL engine and analytics platform
  • OmniSci.jl Julia client for OmniSci GPU-accelerated SQL engine and analytics platform.

Check out the Documentation page for a complete list of all APIs, Interfaces and Projects.

More Resources

Need Help?

If you're interested in connecting to the maintainers of this project, please visit the official online forum and community to post questions or submit an issue to file a bug.

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