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Real-time vehicle telematics analytics demo using OmniSci
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Real-time vehicle telematics analytics demo using OmniSci, debuted at NVIDIA GTC 2019 San Jose.

Dash app

This demo is built using only open-source components:

This repo is set up as a monorepo; see the data engineering and f1dash folders for the README's for StreamSets and Python/Dash code, respectively.


We want to see what YOU would build with this dataset!

In addition to providing all of the code, OmniSci is providing the data for all laps in an S3 bucket. The table definitions are in the ddl folder; use OmniSci Core or OmniSci Cloud to load the data and to perform your queries, then use OmniSci Immerse or your favorite visualization tool to explore the data.

Please be respectful and make a copy to your own location rather than direct-linking against this bucket: s3://mapd-cloud/DataSets/vehicle_telematics_dataset_f12018/

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