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layout: guides
title: APIs
name: 00-apis
hide: true
om_next: 01-omniscient-api-reference
permalink: /api/
<p>The Omniscient project consists of several smaller libraries which can work
independent of each other. You have the main project <code>Omniscient</code>
which provides a smart <code>shouldComponentUpdate</code> and a syntactic
sugar for components which encourages to functional paradigms and immutable,
unidirectional, architecture - but you also have <code>Immstruct</code>.
<code>Immstruct</code> is a small wrapper on top of
<a href="">Immutable.js</a>, helping
to create a re-render loop in Omniscient contexts, but also in "vanilla" React.</p>
<p>Here you can see API reference for both Omniscient and Immstruct. There more libraries
and projects in the Omniscient organization as well, but not with API reference docs as
of yet. You can see all projects on the <a href="">Github organization page</a></p>
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