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Welcome to the project wiki for generator-aspnet! The generator-aspnet is a generator for yo, a command-line scaffolding system built on node.js.

With this generator, it's possible to scaffold projects and files for ASP.Net vNext on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux -- streamlining development of .net projects with your favorite text editors.

If you'd like to contribute to this project, please take a few moments to review the guidelines outlined in the following articles:

Related yeoman generators

The goal of generator-aspnet is to provide an experience consistent with creating new ASP.NET 5 (DNX) projects and files in Visual Studio 2015. Below are some other related generators that you may be interested in.


generator-csharp is a work in progress but is available for you to try out today. The goal of generator-csharp is to provide an experience consistent with creating C# projects (MSBuild based, not DNX) and files in Visual Studio 2015.


generator-aspnet-xtianus is an extension of OmniSharp/generator-aspnet that comes with a special Foundation 5 SASS/SCSS framework ready out of the box with wiredep & other grunt tasks for advanced front-end development. Look for => Starter Web Application - Foundation 5. The other goal of this generator is to provide alternative templates to the traditional ASP.NET Visual Studio templates. More templates will become housed under this fork in the near future. Feel free to participate and learn more about `generator-aspnet-xtianus.

If you are working on a related generator please open an issue to let us know about it so that we can add it to the list.