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the first gen website for Tony Foundation, currently located at

we'd like to re-build this site with gatsby for use with netlify cms... but until that happens, the current wordpress site (tony-foundation theme files in this repo) will still need love.


Here's a list of the latest enhancement requests from leadership:

If you hate cancer and would like to contribute some time to a great cause, please reach out and/or submit a pull request!

Project background

(super quick version)

  • The Tony Foundation website is a wordpress website that uses a custom theme called tony-foundation.
  • The tony-foundation theme is based on the popular and widely-tested starter theme _s which is also well-documented:
  • Various custom post types and options have been added -- generally, you can identify them by the tf- naming convention. -- Additions like this were designed based on well-tested patterns recommended in the WP Codex

Using the test data for local development

(not necessary, but highly recommended)

If you like having a fresh wp db and install on your local machine when starting a new project:

  • the _db contains sql statements for creating a wordpress database and inserting records containing recent TF site content
  • use these statements (in order per filename) to create a new local test db before installing wordpress and updating wp-config.php
  • some records have been redacted from the code for security reasons (if you need help setting up a test database, contact me (@haileypate). i feel your pain.)