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Chef scripts

This repository contains scripts for running chef in a serverless environment with one or more git repositories containing the chef configuration.

Installation instructions

Git key

You may need to install SSH keys to the system; if using a bootstrap script, it may handle this for you.

Keys are typically stored under /var/chef-solo, eg chef.key . It must be readable only by root.

You can also specify keys to use for specific repos using the checkout list.


In general, there are N+1 repositories for each chef installation:

  • Scripts to run chef (the + 1). This is always present, and is checked out into /var/chef-solo/scripts .
  • One or more checkouts, building up a set of cookbooks, roles, and node configuration data. The list of checkouts is determined dynamically by executing a command in the file. Each checkout is then delivered into the /var/chef-solo/checkouts directory. Each may have a cookbooks, nodes, roles, handlers, and data_bags directory.

Chef scripts repository

This step is normally performed by a bootstrapping script.

Check out the scripts repository to /var/chef-solo/scripts/:

sudo mkdir /var/chef-solo
git clone
sudo mv scripts /var/chef-solo/scripts

List of Additional Checkouts/Repositories will fetch a list of additional checkouts. The list should be in CSV format with no spaces between fields. Example:

git,,omniti-internal-systems,master,chef.key git,,omniti-internal-common,multi-repo,chef.key git,,myproject-chef,master,AGENT git,,opscode-php/cookbooks/php,master,NONE

The fields are: VCS,repo address, directory name, branch, credentials

  • VCS may be either 'git' or 'svn'.
  • repo address is the identifier of the repository from which to obtain the checkout.
  • directory name is the path under /var/chef-solo/checkouts to clone/checkout into. It may contain slashes.
  • branch is the name of the git branch. Leave blank for svn (use repo address for svn branching)
  • credentials is the method to authenticate to the repo server. NONE means use no authentication. AGENT means to rely on a running ssh-agent to provide credentials. All other values are taken to specify the location of a SSH private key, relative to /var/chef-solo, that should be used with a GIT_SSH wrapper.

On each run, the checkout list will be re-fetched, and each checkout will be cloned/checked-out (if absent) or pulled/updated (if present). No facility exists for deleting a checkout.

Cross-Linking Roles, Nodes, Etc

Chef can use multiple cookbook directories, but only one roles, databags, and nodes directory. To overcome this, run-chef maintains a 'combined' directory, with a 'combined/roles' directory containing links to EVERY role in the various checkouts.

Combined objects are linked in the order specified in the checkout list file. In the event of naming collisions, the LATER entry wins.

Config File

This step is normally performed by a bootstrapping script, which will usually copy in or create a pre-existing

In /var/chef-solo/scripts/ , add any settings you'd like to override.


Default: "cat /var/chef-solo/checkout-list"

This command will be used to fetch the checkout list. One simple example might be:

FETCH_CHECKOUT_LIST_COMMAND="cat /var/chef-solo/checkout-list" FETCH_CHECKOUT_LIST_COMMAND="wget -O - -q "

If the environment was bootstrapped, the bootstrapper may have delivered the checkout-list file.


Default: 1800 If you as a daemon (without the -o), number of seconds to sleep between runs.


Default: "/var/chef-solo" Location on the filesystem for the various bits of this installation.


Default: /var/log/chef/solo.log Location of the logfile.


Default: 120 When running in daemon mode, wait a random number of seconds up to this value, to offset the run interval.

Running chef

The script is used to run chef. It can:

  • update from git before running chef (optional)
  • run once, or multiple times
  • when running multiple times, apply a random delay at the beginning


Run chef once, without updating from git first:

sudo ./ -o -n

Run chef once, updating from git first:

sudo ./ -o

Run chef once, don't update from git, and print out lots of debug information:

sudo ./ -ondv

Running as a daemon

By default, will run continuously, running chef at regular intervals.

There is an smf manifest in the resources directory, it looks in /var/chef-solo/config for

svccfg import resources/chef-manifest.xml
svcadm enable chef

Changes from 'full' chef

  • cookbooks, roles and databags work identically to full chef, only you don't upload them with the knife command (there isn't a knife command)
  • searching isn't available (there's no server to search)
  • node configuration is kept in json files in the nodes/ directory and not on the chef server. These files contain the run list for each host.


Helper scripts for running chef-solo with a git backed repository




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