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XML::Parser Update XML::Parser to 2.44
as Lose developer/build/make from omnios-build, add in developer/as and
autoconf Update non-core packages for perl runtime rename.
automake Update automake to 1.15
bash Update bash to 4.3p42
bind Update bind to 9.10.3
binutils gcc51 bringup
bison Update bison to 3.0.4
bzip2 -nostdlib
ca-bundle Update ca-bundle as well.
caiman Add -W to caiman's nightly build to avoid failing on warnings.
cdrtools gcc51 bringup
coreutils Update coreutils to 8.24
cpp gcc47 doesn't exist. use gcc44
curl Update curl to 7.44.0
dbus-glib gcc51 bringup
dbus gcc51 bringup
diffutils third-party updates, part 1
dtrace-toolkit Update non-core packages for perl runtime rename.
ec2-api-tools Update Amazon EC2 API to
ec2-credential shell script and SMF manifest for Amazon EC2 ssh key fetching
entire change sendmail depend type to 'group' in entire
expat fix typo in -funwind-tables for expat
findutils fix branch and add license to gnu-findutils
flex Update flex to 2.5.39
g11n Use stock illumos dmake for g11n
gawk Update gawk to 4.1.3
gcc44 gcc51 bringup
gcc48 gcc51 bringup
gcc51 Allow gcc51 to use parallel gmake
gettext Upgrade gettext 0.19.6
git Update git to 2.6.1
glib gcc51 bringup
gnu-make Update gnu-make to 4.1
gnump Patch gnump with Solarish-specific patches.
grep Upgrade gnu-grep to 2.21
groff Update groff to 1.22.3
gtar Upgrade gnu-tar to 1.28
gzip third-party updates, part 2
idnkit -nostdlib for idnkit
illumos-closed Actually want tarballs as well.
illumos-kvm Account for illumos-kvm-cmd fix HVM-824
illumos-tools Add developer/illumos-closed for easy access to closed binaries.
illumos Package both non-DEBUG and DEBUG illumos bits using pkg(5) variants.
intltool Update intltool to 0.51.0
iperf add iperf man page symlink
ipmitool Workaround ipmitool's desire to use aclocal 1.14
isc-dhcp restart isc-dhcp, ntp, openssh services on update
iso-codes Update iso-codes to 3.57
jeos Synch illumos-gate and entire with timezone 2015g
kayak KAYAK_CLOBBER needs to be in the sudoers.d file for OOod.
less Update less to 458
libffi Update libffi to 3.2.1.
libidn Update libidn to 1.32
libpcap Update libpcap to 1.7.4
libtool Update libtool & libltdl to 2.4.6
libxml2 Update libxml2 to 2.9.2
libxslt missing patch
m4 third-party updates, part 2
mercurial Update Mercurial to 3.5.2
mozilla-nss-nspr Update NSS to 3.20.1 and NSPR to 4.10.10
mtsk Return microtasking libraries (libmtsk*) to OmniOS
ncurses gcc51 bringup
net-snmp Update net-snmp to 5.7.3
netperf Update netperf to 2.7.0
ntp restart isc-dhcp, ntp, openssh services on update
open-vm-tools gcc51 bringup
openjdk Update OpenJDK to 7u76 b31
openssh add openssh locale patch from joyent/illumos-extra
openssl Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2d
p7zip gcc51 bringup
patch Update gnu-patch to 2.7.5
pci.ids Grab pci.ids from illumos-omnios.
pciutils Update pciutils to 3.4.0
pcre Update pcre to 8.37
perl GCC5 sabotages Perl's Errno
pkg-config gcc51 bringup
pkg Handle new pkg5 source repo.
pkgtree pkgtree, a utility for exploring IPS package dependencies
prerequisite-gnu switch to use RELVER instead of explicit os release versions
pv Update pv (pipe-viewer) to 1.6.0
python-extra-26 switch to use RELVER instead of explicit os release versions
python26-cherrypy Revert "Update CherryPy to 3.5.0" (fall back to 3.2.2)
python26-coverage Update coverage-26 to 4.0
python26-jsonrpclib Add update patch for jsonrpclib
python26-lxml Update lxml-26 to 3.4.4
python26-m2crypto Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2 (fix many other dependencies...)
python26-mako Update Mako to 1.0.1
python26-numpy Update numpy-26 to 1.10.0
python26-ply Update ply to 3.8
python26-pybonjour update all the python modules.
python26-pycurl Update pycurl to
python26-pylint Update pylint to 1.4.4
python26-pyopenssl Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2 (fix many other dependencies...)
python26-pyrex update all the python modules.
python26-setuptools python26-numpy, kayak, openjdk, setuptools, gcc44, python, and gcc44-…
python26-simplejson Update simplejson-26 to 3.8.0
python26 Stock OmniOS Python needs to cope with readline 6.3
readline gcc51 bringup
release Bump personality for OmniOS r151017 (new bloody)
rsync Update rsync to 3.1.1
sccs Lose developer/build/make from omnios-build, add in developer/as and
screen Fix for CVE-2015-6806
sed third-party updates, part 3
sigcpp Update sigcpp to 2.6.1
sqlite3 Update sqlite-3 to
studio We can't redistribute the artifacts this produces (we never have).
sudo Patch sudo's TZ flaw.
sunpro switch to use RELVER instead of explicit os release versions
swig Revert "Update swig to 3.0.5" - 3.0.x breaks M2Crypto, which breaks p…
tcsh Update tcsh to 6.19.0
tmux build tmux against ncurses
trousers gcc51 bringup
unixodbc Update unixodbc to 2.3.2
unzip Unzip needs to resist fuzz better
vim third-party updates, part 4
wget Update wget to 1.16.3
xz Update xz to 5.2.2
zip fix /lib/cpp issue (no -D<ARCH> so use gcc -E instead), fix licence, …
zlib gcc51 bringup
zsh update zsh to 5.1.1
buildctl DEPENDENCY_CHECK typo in buildctl
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