int32_t not defined under FreeBSD #5

scr34m opened this Issue Jul 28, 2012 · 2 comments


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scr34m commented Jul 28, 2012

Need a check against *BSD in Makefile to set a define. These header #include <sys/types.h> need to be loaded in src/librabbitmq/amqp.h, but i dont know how to make these changes in Makefile at the moment.



keithf4 commented Sep 1, 2015

Appears that newer versions of the librabbitmq library may address this (and probably many other shortcomings). It's been quite a while since these library files were touched, so doubt it's just a drop-in replacement. If anyone else has time to test updating these libraries, that'd be great. Otherwise, it's on the todo list, but no ETA.


keithf4 commented Mar 30, 2016

I've created a 0.5.0_dev branch that incorporates the latest version of the librabbitmq library. I believe that may fix this issue if someone has a system the evaluate this on.

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