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PGExtractor is designed to give more advanced filtering options to pg_dump. It dumps each object (table, function, view, etc) out into its own file instead of one single dump file. This makes using the dumps as a reference easier and allows integration with a VCS (currently svn & git). By default data is not dumped, but is easily done with a single option and can be done as plaintext or pg_dump's custom format. Object filtering can be done directly via command line options or fed in with external text files. Regex pattern matching is also possible.

See --help for a full list of available options. EXAMPLES section of the help gives some demonstration of using the program.
Documentation is contained within the script and done in POD format. "help" file is generated via pod2text. 

Development is still ongoing but this should be safe for production use. The script only uses pg_dump/all to touch the database. pg_restore is only used for generating ddl and does not ever touch the database. Please report any bugs!