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Simply download and unarchive the file. There will be a single executable in the unarchived directory 'pgbrew'.


pgbrew creates a directory /opt/pgbrew if it doesn't already exist. All servers are installed under this directory. To create ./pgbrew directory under /opt sudo will be required. Thus, run the command:

	$ sudo ./pgbrew

All available versions would then be listed, and you will be prompted to enter any one. Enter the complete version name (Eg. 9.1.4 or 8.4.11) to install a specific version. If you wish to install the latest release, you need to mention just the major version number, that is, 9 or 8 and pgbrew will install the latest release for you. 

NOTE: pgbrew will only install the server and configure postgresql.conf parameters. Initialization of the data directory is not handled, and needs to be performed by the user.