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Tasty treats for PostgreSQL


PGTreats is an assorted collection of scripts and tools that we have built over the years in our database scalability and performance practice at OmniTI. Please note that many of these tools are not connected; ie. we might write a quick script to deal with a small consulting project, or write a full-fledge tool that is maintained over a number of years. This means that code quality will vary across different projects based on what was important at the time; if you are comforted by the idea that all of these tools were used in production at some point, thats good, but different people have different needs in production, so YMMV. In addition, not all of these tools are used regularly, and some may be used on older versions of Postgres, so you should test anything you find here in a safe manner before presuming it will work on your perticular version of Postgres (or the specific operating system your Postgres is running on).


As this code is open source, we welcome outside contributors. Our preffered method for contributions is through pull requests, which include a description of the problem and steps to reproduce. And remember, smaller changes are always easier to digest.

Please also note that submitting code is considered a transfer of copyright to the PGTreats project, licensed under the terms of whichever code is being modified. Unless otherwise noted, code in this project is made available under the postgresql license

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