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Update README with more information about multi-metric packets.

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@@ -74,8 +74,25 @@ using a Set to store all occuring events.
-All metrics can also be batch send in a single UDP packet, separated by a
-newline character.
+Multi-Metric Packets
+StatsD supports receiving multiple metrics in a single packet by separating them
+with a newline.
+ gorets:1|c\nglork:320|ms\ngaugor:333|g\nuniques:765|s
+Be careful to keep the total length of the payload within your network's MTU. There
+is no single good value to use, but here are some guidelines for common network
+* Fast Ethernet (1432) - This is most likely for Intranets.
+* Gigabit Ethernet (8932) - Jumbo frames can make use of this feature much more
+ efficient.
+* Commodity Internet (512) - If you are routing over the internet a value in this
+ range will be reasonable. You might be able to go higher, but you are at the mercy
+ of all the hops in your route.
+*(These payload numbers take into account the maximum IP + UDP header sizes)*

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