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Tensorflow Sandbox VM Provisioner

This is my personal Vagrantfile for provisioning TensorFlow-ready VMs. It is worth no more than personal dot files, so please don't take care of this thing.


  • Install 'vagrant' and optionally 'virtualbox'
  • Create aws.json file which has AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY as keys.
  • Run ./

Setup EC2 instance

  • Create EC2 instance. This will provision required packages.
    • > vagrant up --provider=aws

Using Jupyter

  • Establish SSH forwarding session:
    • > vagrant ssh -- -D 1080 -N -n &
  • Configure web browser proxy using SOCKS5:, using proxy even for localhost.
  • Start jupyter notebook on the node, access it thourhg your browser.