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e2pb.php is a php script that listens to Enecsys Gateway (V1) posts and sends data to PVOutput.

First, setup an PVOutput account with API access enabled. Define a system, making sure that in the Live Settings section "Status Interval" is set to 10min, "Timezone" is set to your local time zone and "Adjust Time" is set to "None". See Section "Aggregation vs Splitting" if you want it to send data per inverter.

The script is run as a php command line script, no webserver is involved. The following settings need to be in php.ini (adapting the timezone to your setup):

allow_url_fopen = On


Edit the configuration file config.php.

define('VERBOSE', 0);
define('IDCOUNT', N);
define('APIKEY', 'hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh');
define('SYSTEMID', 'NNNNNN');
define('LIFETIME', 1);
define('MODE', 'AGGREGATE');
define('EXTENDED', 0);
define('AC', 0);
// The following inverter ids are ignored (e.g. the neighbours' ones)
$ignored = array(
// ...

Set VERBOSE to 1 if your want the script to print details on what it is doing. IDCOUNT needs to be set to the number of inverters you have. APIKEY and SYSTEMID correspond to your PVOutput api key and System ID. LIFETIME should be set to 0 if your lifetime kWh values produce wrong values. That seems to happen in some installations when panels are producing close to their maximum capacity. Especially duo-inverters seem to have this problem.

The script aggregates data from the inverters and sends a single record to PVOutput every 10 minutes. If EXTENDED is set to 1, extra state information is sent to PVOutput. See below for details.

By default, the script sends raw DC power data to PVOutput. In a lot of cases this data reflects the actually power generated. In some cases, the reported data is e few percent too high. In those cases, define AC to 1. If an Inverter ID is found in the $ignored array, no data for this inverter will be processed. This can be handy to ignore the neigbours' inverters which are received by your gateway.

Extended state information

Enecsys inverters report state information to the gateway. This state information can be reported to PVOutput using a donation only feature. Currently three values are sent: v7 is the count of inverters producing more than zero power, v8 is the count of inverters with state 0, 1 or 3 and v9 is the count of inverters with a state unequal to 0, 1 or 3. It is possible to create alerts based on these. A typical alert would trigger on a v9 being 1 or higher. See for an example configuration.

Optional MySQL support

php needs to be installed with the mysqli extension enabled.

Create a database and define a table:

CREATE TABLE enecsys (
  dcpower INT NOT NULL,
  dccurrent FLOAT NOT NULL,
  efficiency FLOAT NOT NULL,
  acfreq INT NOT NULL,
  acvolt FLOAT NOT NULL,
  state INT NOT NULL,
  KEY (ts, id)

You need to set the MYSQL defines in config.php, for example:

define('MYSQLHOST', 'localhost');
define('MYSQLUSER', 'myuser');
define('MYSQLPASSWORD', 'mypw');
define('MYSQLDB', 'mydbname');
define('MYSQLPORT', '3306');

Aggregation vs Splitting

By default, the script will collect values from the configured number of inverters and submit aggregated data to PVOutput. It is possible to also send the data from the individual inverters to PVOutput.

An example config.php snippet for a split configuration:

define('IDCOUNT', 4);
define('APIKEY', 'hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh');
define('SYSTEMID', 'NNNNNN');

define('MODE', 'SPLIT'); // 'AGGREGATE' or 'SPLIT'

// If mode is SPLIT, define the Enecsys ID to PVOutput SystemID mapping for each
// inverter.
$systemid = array(
  120069930 => 123456,
  // three more

// If mode is SPLIT, optionally define the Enecsys ID to APIKEY mappings
// If an id is not found, the default APIKEY from above is used.
//$apikey = array(
// NNNNNNNNN => 'hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh',
// NNNNNNNNN => 'hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh',


Data for inverter 120069930 will be sent to PVOutput SystemID 123456, etc. Aggregated data will also be sent to the main SYSTEMID. If an Enecsys ID is found in the $apikey array, output will be sent to the corresponding apikey, otherwise it will be sent to the default apikey APIKEY.

Older versions of e2pv.php required the use of the parent feature of PVOutput. This is no longer required. Actually, having a parent structure setup on a system that also gets aggregated info from this script likely will cause incorrect data to be collected at PVOutput.


Listen to Enecsys Gateway posts and send data to PVOutput







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