Calculator which calculate time, pace or distance of run
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Calculator which calculates time, pace or distance of run. For example you are going to run halfmarathon and plan to run it by 1 hour and 30 minutes. What even pace should you keep? Pace Calculator helps you to calculate! Or you know the pace you can keep for each of 10 kilometers you are going to run, but would like to calculate predicted time you reached in this case. Again - Pace Calculator is your solution.

Version 1.0 provides only command line interface


No installation needed. As pre-requisite you need JRE1.7 or upper installed on your machine.

How to run

Go to directory you put pacecalc_1.0.0.jar and run java -jar pacecalc_1.0.0.jar

How to use

As soon as you run you get following message on the screen in command line:

************* Welcome to Pace Calculator! *************
Please select what you would like to do:
* If you would like to calculate pace based on time and distance enter 1;
* If you would like to time based on pace and distance enter 2;
* If you would like to distance based on time and pace enter 3;
* If you would like to exit enter 0;

Enter your choice here:

As soon as you enter 1,2 or 3 you get message like this (for option 1):

You selected to calculate pace.
Please enter time you are going to run in following format hh:mm:ss:

Enter needed value, and then you will be asked for next needed value:

Please enter distance you are going to run in integer meters:

Enter needed value and you will see result:

Calculated! Based on your input pace should be 04:58
Continue to work with Pace Calculator? Please type yes or no

Pace Calculator is easy to use!