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Webservice to wrap any web resource in a header and footer. Good for wrapping javascript files in require calls.

Getting started

npm install wrapit

Command-line usage

 wrapit [options]

This starts a wrapit web service using the specified command-line options.

-p port to listen on (example, 85)
-q suppress the help message

Web service usage


There are four parts to this, ?url &header &footer &type. Let's break that up:


In this case, the url is, which gets wrapped in a 'provide' definition (taken from require-shim). Type signifies the mime type.

Of course, you can use whatever require library you want. Also, you don't have to just wrap javascript files -- you can wrap css or html or anything else for that matter. wrapit doesn't care.

Server-side usage

require('http').createServer(function (req, res) {
	require('wrapit').handleRequest(req, res);

Run the Example

There is an example.html file in the local directory, demonstrating how to run uglify-js in a web page without installing anything (even Node.js) on your local machine.

Why might this be useful?

This utility is designed to help a web developer quickly prototype namespaced javascript code, but there are probably other uses as well.